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Dear Member of Parliament,


Greed Drives Fraud, Fraud Threatens Safety

Construction industry tax fraud cheats only invest in themselves, and those that undermine legislation, skirt workers health and safety protocols, and avoid WSIB often cut corners with safety too.

Construction industry tax fraud, labour trafficking, and the underground economy cost Canadians billions annually - money that should be used to invest in health care, education, and infrastructure.

Fraudulent contractors cheat Canadians out of hard-earned pay and benefits by misclassifying workers as independent contractors and paying them under the table to avoid taxes, including worker protections, pension, health care, and employment insurance.

Tax fraud in construction makes job sites less safe because contractors who operate off the books or misclassify their employees as independent contractors cut corners and compromise the safety of workers, such as not paying appropriate Workers' Compensation premiums.

Safety is our Highest Priority and as hard-working, tax paying Canadian citizen, I am asking you to please help us tackle this mounting issue by:

  • Adding the United Brotherhood of Carpenters to Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) Underground Economy Advisory Committee.
  • Having the CRA assign an auditor to work with us to help identify contractor tax fraud via reported leads on suspected tax or benefit cheating submitted to the CRA.
  • Studying the feasibility of legislative options to impose stronger contractor liability as potential tax fraud deterrents.

Please support our fight against tax fraud and the underground economy by sharing our concerns with Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue.

Thank you,